Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Fall of Man... and Woman

I was crossing the street today and all of a sudden, I hear this lady yell out "Hey, are you okay?" to which another lady says: "ouch." So I turn to see what's going on and about 20 feet to my right was a lady on the ground in the middle of the crosswalk so I guess she tripped and fell. A passerby helped her get up and that was the end of that. What struck me was that the lady that fell down said "ouch" after someone asked if she was alright. Either that was premeditated or she has one sorry excuse for a response time. If it takes you five seconds after you get hurt to say "ouch," then you have a problem. What if instead of taking five seconds to respond to the lady, she took five seconds to respond to a red light? See what I'm getting at? Or what if it took you five seconds to realize you only had five seconds to live? Not cool, huh?

If that weren't enough, just a few seconds later, I see this guy laying in the middle of the street. And next to him on the ground was a bicycle so I'm guessing he fell of his bike. The three people closest to him walking by rush over to help him. At least I think they were helping him. Perhaps they were actually mugging them. Who knows? I didn't stick around. I was the fourth closest person but seeing as three abled-bodied good samaritans were by his side, I didn't stay behind. Besides, the guy was fully conscious and didn't look seriously injured. But maybe I should have stayed behind. I would at least of had more stuff to talk about in my blog. That's probably not a good sign for me. I'd have a serious problem of my own if I did something just to beef up my blog that nobody reads.

If you are that girl or guy that I speak of, I have a few words for you. To the lady, I suggest you invent a time machine capable of taking you back in time by five seconds. And to the guy, I suggest you put your training wheels back on. You can't be too careful out there.