Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chapter 1 - The First Part

Ever wonder why people pay $10+ dollars for a hamburger? Alright, probably not. But I'll tell you why anyway. So I was at Slow Club the other night and for dinner, I narrowed down my choices to the pork loin and the hamburger. But here's the kicker: the pork loin... $19. And the hamburger... $10.50.

Here's why I was seriously considering the burger... it costs half as much and the portion is about doubled what you would get if you ordered any of the other entrees including the pork loin. I'm a big fan of many things - Macadamian nuts, clean underwear, being around people with clean underwear, and like most sane people, the 'best bang for your buck' theory.

I'm sure even Bill Gates is a stout follower of the theory. Look at him and then look at me. If you want a challenge, remove the look of disgust on your face when doing so. We haven't spent money on clothes that have been in fashion since the Carter administration and our wardrobes scream "Kirkland Signature!" ...except mine actually says that. So even with his billions of dollars and my tens of dollars, I'd like to think we still share a common bond - that of not wasting money.

Anywho, that's why I was eying the burger. But ultimately, I went with the pork loin to try something different... and to avoid the ridicule of my peers. And I must say, that was some quality pork loin. But now you know why a $10+ burger is not as crazy as it sounds. When your other options are to pay twice as much for half as much, the burger just may be the lesser of two evils.