Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Silver Lining

If you didn't watch the finale to Beauty and the Geek, I don't know what you were thinking but I envy you. I know I hyped it up a bit in my last post but it was arguably the worse episode of the season... and perhaps of all three seasons. The only joy I got out of watching it was realizing that Sanjay looks like Milhouse from the Simpsons. Actually, that in itself was quite satisfying. So I guess it wasn't all bad.

Anywho, I saw a report at work today regarding complaints about city employees misusing city vehicles. Some people just have too much time on their hands. I, myself, am probably at the top of that list but I'm talking about people who waste time filing complaints about our beloved government employees. To those people, I say: relacks, I don't mind and so shouldn't you. Here are some of those complaints and why I think it's not the end of the world...

1. Allegation that a City car was being used for personal business because car was parked at a business outside City limits and had two child safety seats installed.

Just be happy that neither of the child safety seats were installed in the driver's seat.

2. Complaint that a City van ran a stop sign. When complainant reached the van at the next stop light, he complained to the driver who allegedly swore at the complainant in response.

Let's say the guy had a choice between stopping in front of the stop sign or stopping in front of your mother crossing the street. What would you choose, hot shot? So by running the sign, he was really protecting your family!

3. Complainant reported seeing an employee urinating in the street behind the open rear door of a City van.

Be thankful the employee wasn't going number two... on your head.

4. Complainant observed a City vehicle truck park at a pot club and the driver enter the club.

In his/her defense, the driver probaly went in there to get directions on how to get away from there!

See... it could be worse.