Monday, February 12, 2007

My Eyes... The Goggles Do Nothing!

Some things, you just hate to see. And some things, you just love to see. And whatever doesn't fit in either of those two categories, probably fits in a third one.

Last night, I was at a wedding banquet and on the five or so tvs in the banquet hall, they showed a slideshow that I made with pictures of the bride and groom. The bride being a family friend, I agreed to put the slideshow together. Not that I was thinking about refusing to do it, but when you make things for people, you run the risk of creating a terrible product that can potentially result in a strained friendship and shame upon your family for generations to come. But alas, nobody booed the slideshow... or not loud enough for me to hear anyway. And to my surprise, it looked better than I originally thought.

So the dinner was going well. That is until they made the couple play this ridiculous game. What they did was make the groom stand on two chairs - one for each foot to stand on. The object of the game was for the bride to take an egg, insert it up one of the pant legs, transport it up the leg, past "the area," down the opposite leg, and out through the other pant leg. Weird, I know... even for me. Maybe I need to start crashing more Chinese weddings but that's not the kind of game that you play outside your own home. Or inside for that matter. Why would anyone play that game? It's kind of like this blog - no good can come of it. I just hope that the game didn't catch on to the kids that saw it. They have enough crazy things to worry about. So next time you drop by the grocery store, watch out for suspicious truants buying eggs. Apparently, they aren't just for eating and decorating houses anymore.