Thursday, March 22, 2007

This is Spawta!

Who would have ever thought that the IMAX at Metreon would be sold out on a Wednesday night for 300? Come on, the place has 600 seats! And the movie is almost two weeks old! And it's a school night! And a ticket costs $15! Ugh... Anyway, I ended up sitting in the second row so note to self: if you're going to be late to a big movie, go alone. There's just no way you're going to find 5 or 6 good, open seats in the middle or back of the theater. But see, if you go alone, you could probably find a seat in any row you like. The person you sit next to will probably put you on their hit list because you took away their elbow room but hey, good seats are worth it sometimes. But this movie was worth the sore neck I got from sitting so close. In fact, it would probably be worth four sore necks. I'm not a movie critic and I don't play one on TV, but I rate 300 with an unprecedented four sore necks!

Anywho, the reason why I bring up the movie about the Spartans is that today, I met an engineer who graduated from San Jose State. Actually, I've met him before so it's not like I've never seen him before. When I was applying for an internship last spring, this guy was one of the people who interviewed me. I didn't get the offer from his department, but that's a moot point now. So today, my supervisor introduces me to this guy by my first name. And with a squinting eye, the guy somehow recognized the name and said my last name in question format. Apparently, he remembered interviewing me. I remember this particular guy because he asked me the hardest question ever to befall on my unbefalling ears. Allow me to flashback to the interview last year. Cue the flashback wind chime sounds! ...So I was being interviewed in a conference room by this guy and another older gentlemen. They joked that I was at an advantage because the older guy went to San Francisco State and this other guy went to San Jose State, both schools of which I have attended. They were both very proud men, knocking the other school and insisting that their respective school was better. So then they turn to me and asked: "Which school is better, San Francisco State or San Jose State?..." I didn't wear enough underwear to keep my pants dry that day. So unflash back to today. The guy from San Jose State is proudly wearing a blue hardhat emblazoned with a gold image of the San Jose State logo - that of the Spartan.

And the reason why I bring that up is that as I am typing this, I'm watching the NCAA regional semi-finals taking place in San Jose. And as the camera pans across the court, what do you see but none other than the San Jose State Spartan at the top and bottom of the half court line.

So first, the inspirational movie about the Spartans. Then, the guy with his Spartan hardhat. And now, seeing the home of Spartans hosting the big NCAA tournament. I can't help but feel a little proud. I'll admit, I was never really fond of San Jose State and in a week or two, I'll probably have a relapse. But in the past of 24 hours, I just got a fat dose of Spartan love. And on an absolute scale, that has raised my feelings of SJSU from totally ashamed to mildly disgusted.

Never underestimate a man in a loincloth.