Thursday, March 15, 2007

Coveralls That Don't Cover All

So is everyone enjoying the daylight savings time as much as I am? The only problem is that when you wake up, it's still dark. And that's not cool. Well, temperature wise, it probably is. But conceptual wise, it's not. But my suggestion to whoever had the power to make the change is that they should tell everyone to change it ahead about 30 years... so I can retire. Actually, I'd have no money if I retired so soon so maybe that's not the best of ideas.

What IS a good idea though is this t-shirt I saw at the controversial Battlecry event over the weekend. Here's a link to the shirt in question:

Click Me!

Nice, huh?

Speaking of t-shirts, I saw a rather large gentleman on the bus today and the undersized, bright orange shirt he was wearing didn't leave much to the imagination. What it did leave, however, was a nice pale gut hanging over his trousers. It was like an elephant wearing an eyepatch to cover up its butt. Additionally, when he raised his arm to hold on to the overhead bar, not only did he expose the gut in all its glory, he also revealed an open slit in the armpit area of the said shirt. I could almost see the stink lines flowing out that opening like a diarrhea of aroma returning to the bowels of hell. Not pretty, my friends. Not so at all.

But what was even more interesting was the looks on people's faces as they entered the bus. Watching for their reactions was more interesting than the large fella himself. I knew they were trying not to look but there's just no fighting such a temptation. Their eyes were destined to meet the gut. Even a blind man would look.