Sunday, March 18, 2007

Frosted Lucky Charms...

...they're magically delicious!
It looks like I'm a day late to sing the praises of St. Patrick and his big day. O well. I'm never on time anyway. To make up for that, I'm going to wear green for one extra day. And the green I speak of is not just in my nose! What kind of dirty slob do you take me for? I have plenty of green clothes, believe it or not. Sure, it's in the form of a stain, but green is green, right?
Anywho, I always wondered why watering holes all over America are packed on the day meant to celebrate a missionary from Ireland? Did he baptize people with alcohol? Was St. Patrick a booze hound? Well, maybe he was. I never knew him. I was only a little boy when he died. But what's next? Tipping cows in celebration of Mother Theresa? Actually, that might not be so bad.
If I had it my way, St. Patrick's Day would be a fun, family-oriented day. Everybody would add a prefix their name like "Mc" or "O' " for the day. Restaurants would arrange their food in the shape of a shamrock. Everybody would get free tickets to a Michael Flatley concert so they can pelt him with potatoes. And I would let Leprechauns have control of Congress for the day. Well, that couldn't really happen, I guess. We all know Leprechauns are instinct.
So what is the next big quote, unquote holiday? According to, today is actually Quilting Day. The 21st is Single Parents Day. The 26th is Make Your Own Holiday Day. And the 28th is Respect Your Cat Day. Haha... you can't make this stuff up