Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's With Monkeys and Bananas?

I was at Jamba Juice today, as I often am when I'm in a Jamba Juicy mood, and ordered my regular original orange juice. Yes, I realize you all think I'm an idiot for paying several dollars for a simple orange juice. But the first time I ever ordered an orange juice there, I could have sworn they used no less than thirty oranges. Since then, that's all I get there. There's just something satisfying about seeing Jamba Juice sacrifice a grove of orange trees worth of oranges so that I could have my 24 ounces of freshly squeezed oj. I first thought that there would maybe be ten oranges in that thing but then I learned to count. Life is mysteriously better when you know how to count.

Anywho, back to my story, if you can even call it that. So I order my juice, I pay the guy behind the register, and then he asks me "If you were at a zoo today, what animal would you be, Justin?" I couldn't believe my ears. I'm here trying to order my orange juice and the dude wants to talk animals?!? Go figure. So after thinking for a little bit, I humor him and say "a monkey." Then he shouts out "Looks like we have our first monkey!" Then everybody in the store looks at me with a smile as if I'm some Chinese guy who said he wants to be a monkey. So everybody is happy and jovial and I walk over to the "waiting area." I use those quotation marks because it's not really a waiting area. It's more of a waiting zone, in my opinion. But as I'm walking over there, one of the girls walks over to me with something in her hand. She gives it to me and I see that it's a slice of frozen banana that they use for the smoothies! That girl was a genius. I don't know if that was planned or what but I literally laughed out loud. Everyone in the store was laughing too. I'd like to think they were laughing WITH me but when people are pointing and laughing, that's usually not the case. Alright, nobody was really pointing. Even if they were, I wouldn't care. That banana slice just made my day. It was good too. I think I'll start freezing my bananas from now on.

I guess they were asking the same question to all the customers cause I heard the lady after me say "emu." Crazy lady. Emus have nothing on a monkey. They get no banana too.