Sunday, September 30, 2007

Not So Happy Feet

You probably noticed I haven't been online at all this past week even though in my last post, I explicitly said that I would be. I have yet to take any of my online courses, in which I am now four lessons behind in both courses. I do, however, have a couple of reasons in my defense. Sure, they're horrible reasons, but they are reasons nonetheless.

First of all, who can blame me with all the wonderful season premieres launching last week. I'm talking about great television programs including but not limited to Heroes, Kid Nation, Beauty and the Geek, and Kitchen Nightmares! Alright, anyone with more than a peanut for a brain should probably be criticizing my judgment, or lack thereof. The smart thing to do would be to not watch so much tv. But I'm not that smart.

Second of all, I have been completely entrenched in the realm of fantasy baseball. Those of you who don't play these things probably think I'm crazy. You don't even have to say it. But you know I have no real athletic talent, so let me have my fantasy sports, alright? Anyway, today marks the very last day of the season and if all goes well, I will emerge tomorrow morning as the champion in the league at work! The guy I'm playing is a legend in the office but I have a very good chance of taking him down.
This guy has won the last two years and I just started playing last year so this is like a real life David and Goliath battle, except David is going to win this one. I'm David. I'm making a powerful enemy at work but there are people counting on me to take him down. I've even been offered a free lunch if I win in addition to the top prize money. Normally, I don't like talking about other people in this sorry blog of mine and this is no exception. So that's all I'll say about that. I don't want to see any pink slips on my desk.

Speaking of work, I recently bought a pair of new work shoes and gazooks, are they uncomfortable. Maybe "uncomfortable" isn't the right word. A better word would probably be "discomforting." The problem is that the shoes are really narrow. I don't know why I didn't pick up on that when I tried them on at the store. I think I was just excited that I'd finally be wearing something that didn't emit any funny odors. What irks me is that these shoes are meant to be comfortable, which is why I decided to spend a few extra clams on this particular pair. But the other day, I went to play basketball after work so I took off the work shoes to put on the basketball ones and it felt like I was walking on a cloud! If you're wondering if I really have experience walking on clouds, the answer is no. It's called lying. Anywho, it could be that I just have fat feet. It's not the first time a new pair of shoes have felt a bit narrow. In fact, when I looked at my footprints the other day, all I saw were elephant tracks. Go figure. It's all in my head, right? So because of this unfortunate predicament, I've been taking off my shoes at work when I'm sitting at my desk. I guess it also gives me an opportunity to air out my feet. That probably explains the large number of people passing out as they walk pass my cube.