Thursday, August 9, 2007

Jesus Christ Superstar

Whew... I'm still psyched up from the Lutheran youth convention i went to last week with my church. For you Christians, you know that feeling where you get so inspired and pumped up for God that you just want to run up to the devil and sock him in the gut? Well, I don't. Maybe the neck but not the gut. That hurts! So anywho, if you wanna ask me about Jesus, now's a good time. Normally, I'd respond to such a request with a punch to the neck but I'm in a Jesus-loves-you mood. So step right up.

So I went back to work after the convention and the first thing my supervisor tells me is that I lost some weight. He's probably right. I haven't been using the last hole on my belt like I usually do. I'm actually using the second to the last hole. *gasp* I better start packing the pounds back. I miss using that last hole on my belt. Hopefully, by my next post, I can get those sexy love handles back.

And speaking of food, what's been irking me lately are the high prices. Buying lunch will easily run over ten dollars. Dinner could be another twenty bones. I remember when cafeteria lunch at school used to be two dollars! Sure, the food tasted as bad as it looked but it was a complete meal. Now, I'll be lucky to get something to drink for two dollars! I place the blame squarely on the rising minimum wage in SF. See, people think raising the minimum wage is some magical gift with absolutely no repercussions. But where do they think the employers are going to get that extra money to pay the workers? Magic lamps? Money trees? Or magic trees with money lamps inside and when you make a wish, guns turn into boba drinks and drugs turn into doves and fly away into the enchanting sky?!? Well, in case you didn't know, I was being sarcastic. But the answer is that raising the minimum wage leads to higher prices on goods and services. So now, I have to shell out an alexander hamilton or two just so little jimmy can get an extra thirty cents an hour. Pure lunacy!

...Ah well. That's the price I pay for living here, I guess. Actually, I shouldn't be too hard on them. I'm sure people get sick to the stomach when they realize that their taxes go straight to my pay check so I probably shouldn't be complaining about money issues. Must change topic...

So... how about that Jesus, huh?