Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Site, Same Great Waste of Time!

New Look, Same Great Taste... that's what I read off of a bag of Doritos a while ago. Personally, I would prfer it have a new taste and same great look but watcha gonna do. Anywho, welcome to my brand new blog! I've lost count but this is either my fourth or fifth webpage that I've started. And like the past ones, this one will likely be just as bad, if not worse! Eventually, it will probably die off like all the other ones so enjoy it while it lasts and I'll try do the same. And well, for my first post, I'm going to waste your time by giving you a quick tour of the place because off to the right side are few things worthy of mentioning.

So firstly, you will see the Bible verse that inspired the address of my site. I don't want to shock anyone but my name really isn't Matthew and I'm not really 1,223 years old. But if I have told you otherwise in the past, then I must have a bad memory. But wow, wouldn't that be quite a story to tell the grandkids... I mean you could tell them that you actually knew someone named Matthew! Well, no. That's a horrible story.

Moving on, you'll see a couple of profiles about me. The first one is the one that Blogger sets up. It's pretty boring but they do have a random question generator that I'm going to use periodically. So see what crazy question I get and I will share with you my pearls of wisdom. I'll try to do that once a week... or year... or lifetime so that the profile doesn't get too stale. And speaking of stale, I've included a link to a page written about me that was written two or three years ago. Some of the info is outdated and inaccurate, but it's actually the nicest thing anyone has ever written about me. So if you think I'm some evil, twisted person, this one is for you... or not.

And finally, the pictures at the bottom are uh.. well.. pictures, I guess. I'll post new ones when I stop being lazy, which is probably never.

So there ya have it. My blog is off and running. So buckle up, Keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times, and enjoy the ride! Next stop... probably more uninteresting nonsense!