Monday, April 21, 2008

Free To Bet

It just came to me that I have a blog. And blogs get updated. Seeing as how my last post was when oil was a bargain at about $100 a barrel, it probably means my blog deserves better treatment. I mean you can't ignore a blog like you can a child. Okay, scratch that. No parent should ever ignore their children, even the middle one. But my point is that this Free Tibet thing is a becoming more poppycockish by the minute. Hmm... do my transitions need a little work? ....nah.

Anywho, where I'm from, Planet Earth, the Olympic torch relay has become a big deal. Security is being beefed up wherever the torch goes to stop ungainly Frenchmen from snuffing out the flame. In San Francisco, the Gav pulled a fast one and changed the route of the relay at the last minute. All this hoopla because people either want to show their support for an independent Tibet or need an excuse to delay filling out job applications.

If I were to open up a store that only sold Tibet flags, I'd be seeing a lot of green right about now. And by green, I'm talking about the marijuana residue left on the monies that the tree-hugging, hygene-phobic hippies use to buy these flags. The funny thing is that those Tibet flags are probably made in China. Perhaps, it's more ironic than funny. Or perhaps, it's not. But those flags have to be selling like hotcakes. And like hotcakes, several weeks from now, those flags are going to be mighty stale. What are people going to do with the flag then? I've got an idea. Bring it to Beijing and wave it around.

But seriously, I don't really care whether Tibet gets independence or not. I just don't think people should turn the Olympics into a political fanfare. The Olympics is a time for countries to put their differences aside. It should be about international unity and laughing at those massive guys that grunt when they do the shot put. So just sit back and enjoy the 2008 Olympics, mmkay?